Online Searches:

The Floyd County Recorder's Office is pleased to provide several options for online searches.

Search Tips:

Johnson%B% - (proper format is lastname - wildcard - first initial - wildcard)

Using this format will provide results of all entries with last name Johnson and first letter of first name B. Do not use punctuation in your search.

Free Online Search:

Floyd County Recorder's Office Free Online Document Index Search

Billable Searches:

Tapestry Search (Data and documents available; charge per-search basis)
All you need is a web browser for 24 X 7 access to county land records. Tapestry’s pay-as-you-go method offers flexible payment terms. Occasional users can enter a credit card into our secure site or if you anticipate using Tapestry on a frequent basis, sign up as a member and enjoy membership benefits including account payment terms and expanded search capabilities.
Additional Tapestry Information Available Here.

Laredo Search
(Account-based system; requires set up from Recorder)
Fidlar Software has designed Laredo, a remote access product, with your objectives in mind. Laredo’s innovative technology and 24-hour access to the county’s land records allows you to obtain information faster and more efficiently.
Additional Laredo Information Available Here

Error Reporting:

If you have found what you believe to be an error in the data please send an email to the following address:

For additional information on the Tapestry and Laredo online searches please contact the Support for the Tapestry and Laredo products is provided directly from Fidlar.

Floyd County Recorder's Office Personnel Donita Eurton, Lois Endris, Paula Dearing, Marilyn Glotzbach, & Judy Grant
Floyd County Recorder's Office

Lois N. Endris - Recorder

Deputy Recorder's

Paula Dearing, First Deputy
Donita Eurton, Deputy
Judy Grant, Deputy
Brandy Bergmann, Deputy